Our Story

The JC’s Story

JC’s was started in 1999 and is named for the founder – Jay Cockerell (“JC”).  Jay was an extraordinary cook and had been told by everyone he had cooked for, “you should start your own restaurant!” He always thought there was a void in the burger market, so he decided to create a “real” old fashioned burger. His secret seasonings and his special grind of fresh USDA Choice Chuck were tested by many.  He worked for months before opening JC’s, perfecting the unique flavor, which many now call the “JC’s Fix”.

Tjcs_planopnghe original JC’s in Plano is located in an interior corner of an older strip center.  Without much exposure or advertising, this little “hole in the wall” grew by word of mouth.  Unless you had heard about JC’s from a friend, you would not have known of its existence. Within six months of opening in 1999, it became “standing room only”. This made it hard sometimes to keep up with the demand.  Rather than purchase his hamburger meat from a local butcher, Jay began to fresh grind and hand form each and every JC Burger.  That practice is continued today, and as we say “The Proof is in the Patty!” The cooks take balls of fresh USDA Choice Chuck (ground at JC’s that day), plop it on the grill and flatten it out with their spatulas.


Jay always said he wanted his customers to know what they were getting;  “We have the best meat around, we want everyone to see it, and see it prepared. We have nothing to hide. I might run a closed kitchen if we were serving frozen or pre-formed patties off a truck.”


Due to ongoing popularity, JC’s was primed for growth, so in 2003 JC’s in Allen became the second location.  Since then, JC’s has grown by licensing select partners to own and operate their own JC’s Burger House, most of whom are avid long time customers. Jay agreed to expand in this manner, but required that the partners be “owner/operators” as Jay and Sondra were.

To date, JC’s Burger House has grown to a family of seven. You can now enjoy JC’s in Addison, Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Plano, Richardson and Prosper.

More to come…as we grow.

Where did those names come from?

Many of our friends and fans ask about some of the uniquely named items on our menu … so here’s the “inside scoop”…

Bemmy’s Bunless Burger – one of our most unique menu items (a bunless gourmet creation served on lettuce and topped with all kinds of goodness) is actually named after one of the founders , Jay and Sondra Cockerell, close friends and original patron of their original location in Plano

The ToddZilla – this 1.5 lb., triple meat-triple meat Mt. Everest of a burger needed a monumental name.  So the ToddZilla was named as a hybrid of a famous movie monster of gargantuan size and a good friend of the founders, PGA Tour Champion Todd Hamilton, a longtime friend of the founders.  Many of our restaurants tempt our customers to take the ToddZilla Challenge … and winners are depicted on the walls of our locations.

Boss’s Chicken Sandwich – as the name implies, this was the number one favorite of the founder, Jay Cockerell.  And why wouldn’t it be … grilled chicken breast, Swiss cheese, bacon, green chilies, red onion and ranch.